I am happy to announce that my first E-BOOK, “First you Hurt, Then you Heal”, is now available at my website bookstore at http://griefjourney.com/product/first-you-hurt-then-you-heal-ebook-pdf at a special introductory price. In the book, I  outline a road map for the grief journey in a series of articles that take us through the process . We begin with a chapter entitled “I Didn’t Plan for This” that gives people an understanding of what they may experience in the early days after a loss. The book then goes on to give us an understanding of grief, some insights into various situations of loss, and some strategies to help us work through the process. This book will be a helpful resource for those who are going through a grief process as well as containing much relevant and practical information for those who would like to know what they can say and how they can help someone who has experienced a significant loss. It will also serve as a basic knowledge and layman’s guide for those in the helping professions such as nurses, teachers, funeral directors and those who seek to support grieving people, young and old, through their work. “First you Hurt, Then you Heal” provides …

Someone asked me about doing a BLOG. As you know I have been posting articles and news recently as I stumble along the path of social media in order to more effectively communicate with grieving people. The best way to describe how I feel about this transition is to say … “I am moving through a dark cave without a flashlight, feeling my way!!” Don’t think I have stumbled YET, but I know that if I do that my friend and webmaster Sean is there to pick me up, dust me off and set me straight. So I said to Sean, “What do you think about me adding a BLOG. He responded, “Definitely a good idea – add a blog post.” Guess what my NEXT e mail to Sean was??? “Hi Sean, Can you please send me a few simple instructions as to HOW to post a blog?? His answer came as a surprise. “WHAT YOU ARE POSTING ON TO THE WEBSITE IS THE BLOG!” Oh really! I didn’t know that!! That’s nice. Stumbling in the dark … but I got a good guide!!! And here I have been wondering about how on earth I was going to produce articles …

Does everyone who suffers a significant loss need professional counselling? I have a growing concern that the current emphasis on counselling and therapy has clouded the fact that loss is a normal, albeit difficult part of life, and that the grief it generates is not a disease to be cured, but a change to be accommodated? Admittedly there are some situations where people need skilful professional counselling.  Trauma, for example, leads to elevated stress hormones which “freeze” or paralyse the part of the brain that stores difficult memories. This renders the traumatized person incapable of simply “talking about it” because they are unable to access that blocked information in that part of the brain. People feel it, but are unable to identify or express what they are feeling “in the gut”. Specialized therapies are required to help people access that blocked information and “defuse” the traumatic. So, we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. We certainly should acknowledge that grief and loss is a natural part of the human experience. It is not always a “mental health issue”. But at the same time we have to recognize that losing someone or something you …

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